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The sizes and shapes of windows may vary depending on the style of construction, specification of the home or building owner, oreven the choice and creativity of the designer and constructor of the building alike. When it comes to solid window shutters when moving to a new house, they do not have to be standard or traditional, they can be custom made to fit your specifications in terms of the size and shape of the owners’ windows. Like the ones available at s:craft, these are known as made to measure window shutters.


Window designers and fabricators can apply their at most creativity to come up with numerous shapes for windows and in different sizes as a homeowner or contractor may specify. The bottom line is that with made to measure window shutters; they are custom made to fit just about any design of windows.

Among many others, some of the most common shapes and styles include:

• Arches

• Hexagonal shapes

• Oval

• Quarter circles

Having custom made window shutters done mainly involves taking measurements of the windows in question and presenting the dimensions to the supplier, manufacturer, or stockiest, so that the right fit can be designed. 

Some companies may require their prospective buyer to take dimensions in a certain specified way. Some will even send their technicians for the same reason, so that inconveniences are avoided as accuracy is the main issue when it comes to made to measure shutters. For most standard window designs however, the respective made to measure shutter designs may be readily available upon request.

Finding them

When purchasing or looking for custom made window shutters for a home or building, there are however a few things that should be taken into consideration. Even as much as they are a perfect choice to go for with respect to enhancing the décor of interior and exterior of a home, functionality, privacy, convenience, ease of maintenance and control should be among other things considered. There are companies such as s:craft where you can have your custom made window shutters done to meet your expectations as far as the above crucial factors are concerned.

Good companies where to find made to measure window shutters are the ones that offer a wide variety of colors and quality materials to chose from, to create a blending match of window shutters with the rest of the room and surrounding to enhance interior and exterior décor. Before buying ordering, the level of control of light, privacy and noise reduction should also be considered. Most of the materials used to make window shutters are carefully selected so that they are durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Also, the quality of material will determine how insulated the room or house is in terms of indoor temperature, especially during cold seasons such as winter.

Depending on the type of material used for the shutters, whether solid fabric, ventilation is also worth considering. When looking for a good company to purchase window shutter products from, it is advisable to look for those that have been in the business for long and probably have acquired a household name.

Their reputation and costs will count as well. This is a process that however requires some guided research.

The cost of made to measure window shutters

The cost of purchasing made to measure window shutters from a company like s:craft and having it installed in your house may depend on various factors. One of these; which is also a major factor of concern is where you buy the shutters. Different stockers, manufacturers and distributors have may price differently, depending on their pricing policies, quality, type of material, shape, size, and design, not forgetting perhaps the number of units. Some vendors also charge for delivery and shipping costs, whereas others offer discounts for the same. Installation is also offered by some suppliers at a fee, whereas others have it as an extended discount. Purchasing from a stocker who offers a installation for free or has a do it yourself manual for you might save hugely on costs. However, some rather sophisticated designs will often require an expert to fix.


Due to the fact that the made to fit window shutters range in size, shape, and design, complexity is also a factor when it comes to installation. It is either done by the company or by the buyer. If done by the selling company, it is either at the cost of the buyer, or at the cost of the company as a discount or after sale service. Depending on company policy and how you approach them, the deliveryman can also be of assistance when it comes to installation of the rather simple designs. It is advisable to buy products from companies that either provide it as an after sale service, or provides a manual for the same to save on installation costs and time. This thus calls for a research, prior to going for a particular company if not s:craft.

Benefits of made to measure window shutters

Control of style and taste - The fact that made to measure window shutters are custom made makes it possible for a homeowner to deliberate on choice, selecting their preferred taste and style of shutters, irrespective of the design of the windows. This factor improves functionality a great deal. They also have a choice to select from a wide variety of options.

Control of light, noise, and privacy - If well thought through prior to purchase, made to measure window shutters can be a great choice to offer ample control over privacy, light and ventilation, as well as noise reduction.

Matching and blending - It is becomes much easier to match and blend the look and feel of window shutters to the rest of the house, interior, or exterior. When changes have to be done, the homeowner is easily spared of costs for curtains, blinds, and other window accessories. 

Property value - Enhanced look and feel that comes along with the installation of custom designed window shutters from companies such as s:craft can well increase the resale value of the property since the owner doesn’t have to remove them when moving. As a matter of fact, most people looking to buy property are looking for security, elegance, and convenience of those properties before they can settle for negotiation.